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Jumbo Larnaca

Complaint from: Anonymous
Date complaint: 06-10-2011

Name company / organisation: Jumbo
Address: n/a

City: Larnaca





On Thursday I went to buy a few presents for the birthday of my daughter at Jumbo in Larnaca. I bought a slide and a swing. I came home and offocurse very exciting to put these two things together so my daughter could play for her birthday the next day.



The slide didn't fit together and the swing broke after a screw went a little to far inside the material.

I went back to Jumbo and the woman of the customer service told me that they only have two days (Saturday and monday) to change products. I told the woman that it's my daughter's birthday tomorrow and I can't wait until Saturday. But she said that she couldn't do anything about it.


I mean which shop in the world offers such a bad service to the customer, that I can not change a product the same day. I was really surprised that this is possible. Anyway then I have to go back on Saturday and disappoint my daughter.


Anonymous (20.05.2013 (23:21:47))
Complaint Yes No Sane here!!! I purchased a bouncy castle for my daughters birthday which had a hole in it. Went back to the shop the day before her 4th birthday and was told exactly the same. There is no aftercare what so ever. I too had a very disappointed little girl. Since then I purchased a Hello Kitty scooter for my younger daughter and there was a part missing so Christmas Day my other daughter was disappointed. It's still in the box as I can't be asked to take it back. Learn a lesson people, if you purchase anything make sure it's a Monday or Saturday and put it together outside the shop!



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